Chandeleur, the Crepes day

What is Chandeleur? Initially, the Chandeleur is a religious celebration. Happening 40 days after Christmas, it recalls the presentation of Jesus to the Temple. Chandeleur comes from the latin “candelarum” as does the English word ‘candle’. Candles were lit at...

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Savoury Summer Veggies Crumble

  Who said crumble has to be sweet? This vegetarian Summer Veggies Crumble is perfect for hot days like we are experiencing at the moment! This savoury Summer Veggies Crumble is delicious warm or cold, as it is or as a side, with a steamed white fish!   The perfect...

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Iced Nougat, the perfect summer dessert

  In our previous post, we promised that we would give you some Christmas family recipes so here's the first one: the Nougat Glacé [Iced Nougat]. Every year for Christmas, Marine's Mum would make this delicious and light dessert. It is the perfect dessert to end a...

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A French Christmas

It is pretty difficult to describe a typical Christmas in France as each region, city and family have their own traditions and habits. However, there are some common grounds that we will highlight here! French families usually celebrate Christmas on the 24th of...

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Breakfast à la française

The Breakfast in France definitely deserves a post as it is so different from the Australian Brekky! No savoury for breakfast! A typical French breakfast would be comprised of a tea or a café (espresso), orange juice, bread, jam and butter and viennoiserie (croissant,...

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Lunchbox idea: the savoury cake

Following our post on La Rentrée, we had to share the recipe of our savoury cakes so you can add it to your lunchbox or bring it to a picnic. Very easy, quick and endless possibilities!! This cake will become a regular!! Plus those cakes are the best to increase your...

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Back to School

Something big in France after the Summer holidays, is what we call the 'Rentrée'. Usually happening in the first week of September, you can hear this word on every mouth for the whole month of August... La ' Rentrée' is when France gets back to normal after the summer...

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Quick and easy dessert: the Crème Caramel

Crème Caramel or Flan or Crème Renversée is a family tradition at Marine's! Today we are sharing her Mum's recipe.... the one she is still using today to impress guests! 4 ingredients to make one of the best desserts ever!   For 6 people 1 litre milk 275 g sugar 1...

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